Steel Door Maintenance

Although all Dove Steel Doors products are built with robust materials that have a long product life, everyday wear and tear can take its toll. Maintenance of your Dove steel doors is the best way to ensure they are in full working order. A properly maintained steel door is vital for the continued safety of your premises.

Contacting Dove about a steel door maintenance plan will give you the added peace of mind that your security doors will remain reliable without the hassle of having to remember to have your doors serviced.

Ensure the safety of your premises

If left unresolved, minor problems can get worse and end up reducing the strength and integrity of the door, leading to the compromised security of your premises. A maintenance plan will ensure your doors are always providing the maximum protection.

Save money in the long term

Steel doors that are not maintained will end up costing you a great deal to repair in both time and money. A maintenance plan with Dove will save on these costs and ensure your Dove steel door is working as well as it can.

Hassle-free maintenance

A Dove Steel Door maintenance plan will remove the need for you to remember to schedule your products for maintenance, as we will do this for you at a time that suits you. This means you can concentrate on running your operations while we ensure your products are working at their maximum capacity.

If you would like any more information about the maintenance and repair of your security doors, contact Dove Steel Doors today.

In some cases it is now a legal requirement that all industrial doors are maintained regularly. Speak to our expert team today to make sure you’re compliant.

Steel Door Maintenance

Custom Features

Because we design every door to order, you can decide exactly which features you want it to include. From fire-rated protection and louvers to a soundproof filling, you will receive a specialist door purpose-built for your building.

Expert Fabrication

Fabrication is at the core of everything we do. To make sure we’re as good at it as possible, we’ve invested heavily into the latest manufacturing technology, so we can guarantee every door meets every customer’s specifications, every time.

Hassle-free installation

The benefits of error-free design mean that we can install your new door quickly, efficiently, and at your convenience, so you can sit back or concentrate on running your operations while we make your premises safe.

Start designing the exact steel door you need

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the exact made-to-measure products our clients are expecting. To discuss a custom steel door, get in touch with details of your requirements and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.