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Gun Room Steel Doorsets

Gun Room Security Door



Tested and certified to (EN1063):

BR1 (B1) - Firearm: .22 Rifle - Projectile: 40 Grain - Velocity: 315 m/s = 1050 ft/s

BR2 (B2) - Firearm: 9mm - Projectile: 124 Grain - Velocity: 427 m/s = 1400 ft/s

BR3 (B3) - Firearm: .38 Special - Projectile: 158 Grain - Velocity: 259 m/s = 900 ft/s

BR4 (B4) - Firearm: .357 Magnum - Projectile: 158 Grain - Velocity: 425 m/s = 1395 ft/s

BR4 (B4) - Firearm: .44 Magnum - Projectile: 240 Grain - Velocity: 427 m/s = 1350 ft/s

BR5 (B5) - Firearm: 7.62x33mm .30 CAL Carabina - Projectile: 110 Grain - Velocity: 600 m/s = 2200 ft/s

BR5 (B5) - Firearm: 7.62x39mm AK47 - Projectile: 123 Grain - Velocity: 715 m/s = 2400 ft/s

BR6 (B6) - Firearm: 7.62x51mm M-80 - Projectile: 149 Grain - Velocity: 838 m/s = 2750 ft/s

BR6 (B6) - Firearm: .308 Winchester FMJ - Projectile: 149 Grain - Velocity: 838 m/s = 2750 ft/s

BR6 (B6) - Firearm: 5.56x45mm M-16 - Projectile: 55 Grain - Velocity: 919 m/s = 3250 ft/s

BR7 (B7) - Please contact for more information.

Door Leaf:


Standard ballistic infill, undisclosed due to nature of doorset, door also reinforced with 3mm internal plate.


2 skins of 2 mm thick galvanised steel, 50mm thick door with no face seams. Face skins are connected by a “deep pocket” interlocking edge lock seam for added strength and durability.

Finish as delivered:

Primer painted or Polyester Powder coat.


Consult with Dove Steel Doors for availability of colours and to obtain samples.

Frame and architraves:

80mm x 40mm RHS. Fully protected header allows for a smooth butt-joint with the vertical frame posts.

Finish as delivered:

Primer painted or Polyester Powder coat.

Glazing details:

Where applicable provide doors with vision panels meeting the requirements of the performance specification.



Full length mild steel hinge with stainless steel pin

On double doors, 2 no heavy duty Surelock Mcgill barrel bolts

Door to be prepared to accommodate client specified hardware provided this does not compromise fire performance and maintenance of the doors.


Frames are provided with four fixings per jamb with built in adjustment and completed by matching colour co-ordinated cover caps

Single or Double Leaf (for the ultimate in protection)

Protection Level - M3,FB4,M3+ M4,FB5,FB6

Fire Arm - 44 Magnum, AK 47 kalashnikov, G3, FAL FN, M16, A2.

Shot Type - FMJ-TC-CL 7, 62x39

Ball Type - PS 5, 56x45. Ball SS 109,7, 62x51. NATO Ball

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