At Dove Steel Doors, we understand that keeping up-to-date which new door regulations and law changes can be tough as they change frequently. We have created a number of guides to keep you well-informed with all the changes happening in our industry as well as some useful how-to guides.

How To Adjust Door Closers

How To Adjust Door Closers Door closers may not be the top of people’s minds when ordering new doors or moving into new premises, but they are essential to the smooth closing of doors. Whether a door is opened manually or mechanically, without door closers and door...

A Comprehensive Guide on Fire Door Regulations

A Comprehensive Guide on Fire Door Regulations Fire breakouts are a nightmare for building owners. That is why many people take the necessary steps to protect their houses or business premises against fire. We all know a fire can start from any part of the building...

Steel Door Installation

Incorrectly fitted doors can lead to many problems in the long-run. It can ultimately lead to putting your premises at risk if they are not fitted to the correct standards. Dove Steel Doors offers professional and expert steel door installation, giving you peace of mind knowing that doors are installed to industry-standards and ensuring your premises meets building and fire regulations.

Start designing the exact steel door you need

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the exact made-to-measure products our clients are expecting. To discuss a custom steel door, get in touch with details of your requirements and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.