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Made to Measure Bespoke Steel Doors

At Dove Steel Doors we specialise in the supply and installation of high strength and high security bespoke steel doors for a wide range of applications, including commercial/industrial security, emergency and fire exits, clean rooms, gun rooms, and x-ray/radiation rooms (as well as many more).

We have been supplying metal doorsets (doors and frames) to both the Trade and Public for 3 generations, and pride ourselves in our expertise in providing the perfect made-to-measure products for our client's specific and exacting requirements.

Our wide range of bespoke doors have numerous options and features available, including glazing, louvres, fire, water or radiation resistance, intrusion and ballistic resistance, and more.

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Product Codes Steel Doors / Doorsets - Product Range

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Single & Double Personnel Steel Doors

High security entry door, single steel door, leaf and half steel door, double steel door, external steel door


cad-icon pdf pdf sd-fp-07-thumb



Emergency Fire Exit Steel Doors

Panic escape, push bar / push pad fitted as standard, optional external locking knob / handle

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-efe-thumb




Multi-point Locking High Security Steel Doors

Personnel, entry high security steel door, multi point lock and lever handles fitted as standard

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-mpl-05-thumb



Fully Glazed Steel Doorsets & Fire Rated Windows (Slim Profile)

Used in prestige buildings, shop fronts, fire rated fully glazed, fire rated fully pannelled, high sound reduction, high insulation properties

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf



Louvered Steel Doors

Security steel doors with fitted louver panels to any size, ideal for plant room steel door, bin store steel door, cycle store steel door

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-lp-thumb



Fire Rated Steel Doorsets

Half hour (30 Minutes), 1 hour (60 Minutes), 2 hour (120 Minutes), 4 hour (240 Minutes) and 6 hour (360 Minutes) fire rated steel doors, Certified to BS 476 Part 20 & 22

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-frslx-thumb



Air Tight & Air Restrictive Steel Doors

Air tight door, dust tight steel door, inflatable / high pressure seals, leak resistant door, air stoppage steel door, fire suppression system compatible, kilopascal rated door to requirement
pdf cad-icon pdf pdf atd-thumb

Solid Core Steel Clad Doors

High security, steel skinned, solid timber / wood core, wood infill steel door, solid core double door
pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-sco-thumb



LPS 1175 LPBC Steel Doors Level 1 (SR1), 2 (SR2), 3 (SR3), 4 (SR4) & 5 (SR5)

High security certificated steel doors tested to latest LPS / LPCB Standards

pdf cad-icon


pdf sd-lps-thumb
10 SD-PAS23/24

PAS 23 / 24 Single & Double Steel Doorsets

Designed for high risk areas where security is needed, doorsets come fully certified to PAS 23 / 24 standards


Secured By Design (SBD) Steel Hinged Doors & Frames

Security designed steel doorsets to resist attack, architect approved, maunfactured to Secure By Design (SBD) Standards.




Double Swing High Security Door Sets

Hinge pivots / floor springs allowing a full 180 degrees double swing

    pdf pdf sd-ds-thumb-01



Tongue and Groove Door Sets

Tongue & groove steel doors

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-tng-thumb



Pressed Panelled Steel Doors

Press panel to customers' specification / design e.g. Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian styles

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-pn-thumb



Secure Room & Gun Room High Security Steel Doors

Ultra high security door, designed for safe room, gun room, secure room etc

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-hss-2-thumb



Steel Toilet Doorsets

High security, anti vandal public service area steel doors. Coin operation and auto locking systems available

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sdt-thumb



Bespoke Steel Doors & Fabricating

Any steel door designed bespokely to your specification

pdf cad-icon   pdf bsp-thumb



Wood Grain Finish Steel Doorsets

Wood grain powder coat finish, quality assured in infinate wood grain finishes, prestige looking steel doors

pdf cad-icon     eldwick-3thumb



Acoustic Fire Rated / Non Fire Rated Steel Doors

Certified up to 63db acoustic rating & 4 hours (240 minutes) fire rating

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-ac-thumb



Substation Doors (EDF Spec Certified & Southern Electric Certified)

Substation door, fully louvred steel door, punched steel door for ventilation, vermin protection door, Class 1 substation door, Class 2 substation door, electrical cupboard door, gas cupboard door, meter door, UKPN approved

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf ssd-thumb



Ballistic Steel Doors

Ballistic door certified to: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 protecting from hand guns to automatic rifle

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-bl-01-thumb



Blast Resistant Steel Doorsets

Designed to resist blast pressures of 0.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 KN/m2

pdf cad-icon     sd-bst-thumb-01



Bespoke Stainless Steel Doors & Windows

Ideal for coastal areas, anti corrosive applications & where an external stainless steel finish is required

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf sd-ss-thumb



Steel Door Specialist Seal Types

Acoustic door seals, weather door seals, smoke door seals, fire door seals, bat wing seals, draught door seals etc

pdf cad-icon     DP-120-150



LPS1175 Rated Security Window / Door Grille & Window Screens

LPS1175 level 1, level 2 high security window grille, high security door grille & security window screen for anti vandal and security applications

pdf cad-icon     gr-lps-thumb



Security Bar Gates & Grille Gates

Suitable as: front door gates, alley way gates, single bar gates, double bar gates, arched bar gates, anticlimb bar gates, entrance gates

pdf cad-icon     gts-thumb



Server Room Doors / Server Cages (LPS Rated)

Suitable as: server room door, computer room door, protect equipment from employees & general public




Watertight Steel Doors

Ideal for use as: flood risk area steel door, onboard ship watertight door, outrig station door, antirust door, swimming bath / pool watertight door, water processing plant steel door

pdf cad-icon pdf pdf wtsd-thumb



Clean Room Steel Door

Our clean room doors can be manufactured from: stainless steel, frameless glass, phenolic resin and powdercoated steel, Bio-Cote Finish

    pdf pdf clean room door_thumb



Lead Lined, X-Ray, Anti Radiation Steel Door

Lead lined doors designed to repel radiation. Ideal for use as: x-ray room doors, anti-radiation room door.

pdf cad-icon pdf   x-ray door radiation door lead lined door_thumb


Bespoke Steel Doors

For advice and to discuss your specific requirements, please CONTACT US.

double steel doors

High Security Doorsets

To ensure perfect finish and fit, our steel doors and frames are supplied as a single unit (called a doorset). This makes installation much easier than installing a frame and then hanging a door. Our doorsets are designed to last, with security features that help prevent personnel attacks and breach of access. This is incredibly important for secure properties such as banks, high-end retail units, industrial units, laboratories, or any property where valuable supplies or data are kept within.

About Dove Steel Doors & Shutters Ltd

Having supplied high security doors for 3 generations, we have acquired steel door knowledge and experience that is hard to match. If you have any questions or require any advice, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

We supply a range of specialist doorsets, including Flush, Ballistic, Sound Proof Acoustic, Airtight Sealed, LPS 1175 certified, Solid Core, 10 Point, 12 Point, 15 Point Multi Point Locking, Concealed Hinge, Louvered Panel, Blast Resistant, Sliding, Remote Controlled Secure Access and Stainless Steel. We also supply a range of accessories and fittings for our doorsets, including concealed hinges, panic bolts, dog bolts and airtight seals.

Should you be unable to find a door on our website that is specific to your requirements, please get in touch. We specialise in bespoke doors that are made to order, ensuring that we can supply a product that suits your individual needs.